About This Site

This site is generated with Jekyll. I used to use Hugo but it generated way too much extra styling/html cruft and I wanted to have the ability to pop into each file and edit each post myself. Plus the ecosystem around Jekyll seemed robust so it seemed like a tool that would be well-supported. It's been great so far, although I just came across Hakyll recently, and I'm tempted to port this site to Hakyll on some theoretical lazy afternoon in the future.

It's hosted on Github. It has no external dependencies and only uses javascript for traffic analytics (i.e. no javascript is required to run anything on the page). I was heavily inspired by this charming site when I made this; I definitely think a lot of websites are super over-engineered for their purposes, and since I'm not trying to do anything fancy here I didn't want to reinvent the wheel. My website renders well on every device, it's fast, and it's accessible to users with screen readers and other alternative ways of browsing the content. What more could a personal website need?